Previous Research

Local Burden of Disease, IHME

At IHME, I was the team lead for a small group of statisticians and computer scientists where we worked to develop and disseminate scalable models for large geographies and datasets in order to predict, at high resoluton, disease burden. The main focus of the Local Burden of Disease team was initially to predict the five leading causes of child-under-five deaths, but that work was extended to encompass many other diseases and risk factors. My team produced the underlying code and models that each applied research team used to model and predict.

Throughout this five-year project, the LBD team grew to over 70+ members, and we published over data analysts, researchers and faculty and published over 80 peer-reviewed articles.

In addition to working on the underlying methods, I also worked on a few applied projects, including mapping child malnutrition in Africa, and soon-to-be published paper on mapping anemia severity in women of reproductive age aross most lower and middle income countries.

Overall, our project and team was quite succesful and our predictions of burden have been used by international and philanthropic organizations and countries to assess progress and to set agendas. One of the honors we recieved was a World View Article, entitled Data can help to end malnutrition across Africa, written by Kofi Annan, that discussed our work and the utility of data to battle malnutrition. Serendipitously, this article and our accompanying work was released on my twenty-ninth birthday!